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The role of the Certified Energy Advisor is an important and necessary part of the house building process.

A good Energuide rating will add to the homes value and help the homeowners and realtors achieve the best value on the sale of the home.

With the recent changes in the BC Building Code regarding insulation, air tightness and ventilation , it can sometimes be a challenge to get our housing built to the levels prescribed in terms of energy efficiency and performance, for instance, most log homes will not meet the new codes using the usual prescriptive path for design and construction.

The Energuide Rating System is due to be updated and changed later this year and will then give much more information concerning the efficiency and running costs of the home. The energy usage of the home will be the primary part of the rating, replacing the 1-100 scale presently in use. There will also be energy information regarding walls, attics, windows, mechanical equipment and more. This will make the Energuide rating an extremely valuable part of the home selling and buying process.

As a Certified Energy Advisor I can analyse the blueprints of the house and give practical advice as to  where the Energuide rating can be improved. I can evaluate the building envelope, find the ‘sweet spot’ for extra insulation, and show that by improving the efficiency of the building smaller heating and cooling systems can be implemented. I can also show the running costs of various heating systems and so help the home builder decide which would be the best to use.

The house is a system and all the parts must integrate to make it work, change one component and it may affect another.
And something to give some thought to; Although, generally, we still think that our utility costs are not too bad I have already had cause to ‘troubleshoot’ a house only 3 years old. Built to code for the occupants future retirement they were already struggling with the utilities. (The granite countertops looked nice though!)

You only really get one chance at the building envelope, and on the basis of “if you can keep the heat in then you won’t need so much” try to make sure you get it right.



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